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 4 Key Essential Considerations

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then creating your own home bar might be the right option for you. Just think about it. No more crowded bars or restaurants. No more overpriced drinks or paying for the convenience of a bartender. No more hopping in the car and driving twenty minutes just to enjoy company with your friends and family. With your own home bar, comfort and convenience are at your fingertips. 

As you start the process to design your own home bar, we have developed a brief guide of essential considerations. Your home bar, after all, should not only be comforting to your guests but should speak to who you are, as well as make sense within your existing home decor. Outlined below is a brief list of essential questions and considerations you should ask and consider prior to beginning your home bar building.

Indoor or Outdoor Home Bar Location

Essential Consideration #1 - Location, Location, Location 

Before planning your first big soiree, you’ll want to consider the location for your home bar. For most, this will be determining whether to have your bar indoors or outdoors. Additionally, you should also consider how the location of the space you have & the impact on when and whom you can entertain. 

Home Bar Indoor

Units shown: 12" wide SCR1225B beverage center and matching SWC1224B wine cellar

Indoor or Outdoor?

The first consideration is if you’ll have an indoor or outdoor location. The answer to this question will impact future choices, such as how much space you will have, when you will be able to entertain (e.g., due to weather), and the appliances you should select for your home bar. Additionally, selecting a location will provide you with a better understanding of what, if anything, you’ll need with respect to home renovations, such as building an outdoor patio or constructing or buying a wet bar for your interior space.


You can make your in/outdoor bar stand out by adding a pop of color in your appliances or compliment the landscape with our matching colored undercounter refrigerator & frost-free freezer sets.

Outdoor Refrigeration

Unit shown: SPR7BOSST Outdoor Commercial Refrigerator

If you choose an outdoor bar, you’ll want to be sure that the appliances you get are weatherproof, which is to say they are made from a material, such as 304 grade stainless steel, that can stand up to the elements.

Luckily, Summit® has an extensive line of outdoor approved products including kegerators, wine cellars, beverage centers, and icemakers to choose from to ensure your home bar is functional - and stylish - year-round.

Essential Consideration #2 - Space

Yay! You have your location. Now, the second consideration should be the space and how much you have. Space is important to consider because, like location, it will help you determine (1) what you have room to include and (2) the layout of the space. For example, if you’re using the basement as your home bar location, does it also double as partial living space? Will you be installing cabinetry, a wet bar with a countertop and a sink? 

Additionally, consider the space in terms of how you plan to entertain. Will you want large open spaces for gathering and seating? Is your home bar merely a space to grab a beverage and a snack and move elsewhere? Determining this will inform your decision to have either freestanding appliances that are easily moved and accessible, or if you prefer the seamless look for your home bar, then built-in appliances will be your go-to. Built-in appliances offer a seamless look and feel in the home bar, which, while less mobile, bring an elegant finish. The one downside, however, is that they are not portable like most freestanding appliances. 

Summit Appliance Outdoor Freestanding and Undercounter Refrigeration

Freestanding units can be moved as needed; 

Built-in appliances allow minimum counter clearance for a seamless fit

Essential Consideration #3 - All About The Beverages

The most essential consideration is your guests! More specifically, you’ll want to consider how many people you’ll be serving regularly as well as what. Are you and your friends just into a good cold beer? Or is wine more your style? What about an after-dinner coffee? Regardless of your selection, Summit® has you covered. 

Beer, Wine, & Beverage

There is nothing quite like enjoying a cold beer from the tap after a long day, during a meal, or with a group of friends. Regardless of when you enjoy it, Summit® has an extensive selection of beverage refrigeration and dispensers to meet all your entertaining needs. 

Beer Kegerator

Unit shown: SBC677BITWIN Built-In Kegerator


Summit® offers single, or twin, or triple tap options that allow you, your friends, and guests to enjoy a nice frothy beer at home. Many of our kegerators allow built-in use, which is perfect for a seamless look in any home bar space. We also have a wide selection of outdoor approved models featuring 304 grade stainless steel, weatherproof designs for long-lasting durability. 

Now, if you and your friends love popping the top during the big game, we have you covered! 

Bottled Beer / Beer Frosters
Bottled Beer Froster

ColdCavern® ALFZ37BFROST beer froster lets you keep beer just above the freezing point

Our Cold Cavern® beer fosters are designed to keep your canned & bottled beer just above the freezing point for a truly frosty experience. If brews like dark ales, IPAs, and stouts are more your style, our Pub Cellars® will keep them at ideal storage temperatures, perfect for storing craft beer until you are ready for it without the fear it’ll lose its taste or freshness.

Wine Cellars

Our collection of residential wine cellars has choices to meet every budget and style to ensure your collection is stored under the proper conditions and displayed to impress your guests! We have single, dual zone, and triple zone options, with options available in compact, ADA compliant, built-in undercounter, and full size heights with bottle storage capacities to meet every need! Additionally, our SWCP Series is perfect for the wine enthusiast seeking a luxurious way to display their collection prominently.

Home Bar Wine Cellars

Unit shown: SWCP1988T triple zone wine cellar for built-in or freestanding use


If liquor is more your style, then it’s less about storage and more about presentation for you and your guests. We would recommend acquiring a nice cabinet or bar top if your space allows in which to property store and display your liquor. Additionally, adding a hanging rack for glasses or stemware is also a good way to ensure efficient storage and quick access for use. 

SCFU386FROST commercial vodka chiller

Unit shown: SCFU386VK Commercial Vodka Chiller

Essential Consideration #4 - The Extras (or Things You Realize You Need Once We Have A Party)

Oh, the extras, those little items that we often forget we need or want until our guests are ringing the doorbell! Some common extras you will definitely want to consider, regardless of an indoor or outdoor bar space, include a mini-fridge to hold fruits for cocktails, juices, or added storage as needed. Likewise, a beverage center that has a wider temperature range than a standard fridge would be ideal for seltzer water, mixers, sodas, and the like. For the coffee lover, Summit® has microwaves for quick heating, an ENERGY STAR certified icemaker to ensure a cold beverage for all, or a dishwasher for convenient cleanup after your party. 

The Extras


As you can see, there are a lot of ways and methods in constructing your ideal home bar. However, as you are considering the location, the space, which appliances to include, and so on, keep in mind: your home bar is all about you, your guests, and creating a space that is convenient and comfortable. As you plan, let Summit® take the guesswork out of your appliances with our extensive line of home bar solutions!