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Kitchenettes & Combo Units

COmbo KItchen Header

All-In-One Combination Kitchens by Summit® create a complete working kitchen station in one easy-to-fit unit.

Available in 30", 36", 39", 48", 54", 60", 72" and larger widths, these full-service kitchenettes allow you to cook, prepare, wash, & store your food in one place. All kitchenettes include a two-burner electric cooktop or complete range with oven, a refrigerator-freezer, working sink, and storage cabinets. Providing unlimited value in one box, Summit® combo kitchens come fully assembled and offer the highest quality at the best price, with choices perfect for hotel kitchens, dormitory suites, office break rooms, temporary living spaces, and similar environments.

Everything You Need In One Piece!  

Everything you need in one piece
Kitchenette 2 burner Cooktop
Kiitchenette detaiil Sink



All combo kitchens include a compact refrigerator with a full freezer compartment. The doors are reversible to best accommodate your space. Features include spill-proof glass shelves, a large crisper drawer, interior lighting, and door storage.

2-Burner Electric Cooktop

Available in coil or smooth-top ceramic glass styles, each 115V cooktop features two cooking elements. Safety features include push-to-turn knobs and indicator lights to alert you when the cooking elements are in use. All cooktops come pre-installed in the kitchenette with a standard 3-prong cord included.

Sink With Faucet

Preparing food or washing dishes is simple and convenient with the included stainless steel sink and ready-to-use faucet. 

Convenient Storage

For added storage convenience, the Summit® appliance station is an easy shelving addition to any 30", 39", 48", or 60" combo kitchen, perfect for your microwave, coffee maker, or other small kitchen appliances.

Need More Storage Space? 

Summit® wall cabinets are available in 12" or 18" wide sizes with powder-coated metal construction in white or black finishes. Easy installation built to last!

Kitchenette Storage Gif

Specialty All-In-One Combination Kitchenettes


Kitchenette Plus Series
Wellness Room Kitchenette - C48ELMCMW


Counter Height

Featuring a 34" counter height to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines, our CK72ADA series has the same great features of our standard combo kitchens - including three separate storage compartments! For added flexibility, the center cabinet can be fitted with an 18" wide dishwasher. At 72" wide, this is our widest kitchenette, available with the sink located on the right or left side to best meet the needs of your space.

Plus Series

This series of  all-new combo kitchens combine the convenience of an all-in-one kitchen station with the cooking power of a 4-burner gas or electric range with an oven. Additional features include a cutlery bin with a removable cutting board cover for easy food prep. Available in 54", 60", or 72" wide choices. 

Wellness Room Kitchenettes

At 48" wide, these kitchenettes create a complete wellness station for nursing mothers! All models include a MOMCUBE® breast milk refrigerator, specially designed to meet CDC guidelines for breast milk storage, with either adjustable wire shelving or combination locker interiors. For added convenience, we offer a model that includes our appliance station for more storage capacity and a compact microwave for sanitizing pumping equipment or heating milk as necessary.

 SM903BSA Microwave

Microwave-Refrigerator Combinations

Our popular MRF series lets you operate a fully featured refrigerator and microwave from just one plug. 

Choose from a variety of sizes and styles or create your own custom combination

All microwaves include a built-in power allocator and two USB charging ports.

Outdoor Kitchenettes NOW AVAILABLE

Mobile outdoor bars with weatherproof refrigerators let you create a complete portable serving station for easy entertaining in the backyard.

Outdoor Bar Kitchenette

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Popular All-In-One Kitchenettes

C30EL Kitchenette Front


41.0" H x 30.0" W x 23.75" D
30 inch wide all-in-one kitchenette with 2-burner 115V coil cooktop, refrigerator-freezer, sink, and storage cabinet
CK36ELGLASS Kitchenette Front


40.0" H x 36.13" W x 23.63" D
36 inch wide all-in-one kitchenette in black with a 2-burner 115V smooth-top cooktop, 2-door refrigerator-freezer, si...
C39ELGLASS Kitchenette Front


40.0" H x 39.0" W x 23.63" D
39 inch wide all-in-one kitchenette with 2-burner 115V smooth-top cooktop, refrigerator-freezer, sink, and storage ca...
C48ELPUMPMB Kitchenette Full


42.5" H x 47.25" W x 24.0" D
48" wide mobile all-in-one kitchenette with two 115V coil burners, a refrigerator-freezer, sink, storage cabinet, fac...
C48ELMCMW Kitchenette Front


69.0" H x 47.25" W x 24.0" D
48" wide all-in-one kitchenette with a smooth glass cooktop, MOMCUBE® breast milk refrigerator, microwave, sink with ...
CK54SINKR Kitchenette Front


39.5" H x 54.0" W x 23.75" D
54 inch wide all-in-one kitchenette in black with a removable 2-burner 115V smooth top cooktop, 2-door refrigerator-f...
ACK60GASW Kitchenette Front


42.0" H x 58.63" W x 23.63" D
60 inch wide all-in-one kitchenette with 115V 4-burner gas range, refrigerator-freezer, sink, cutting board and cutle...
ACK63GASBSS Kitchenette Front


42.0" H x 63.0" W x 23.63" D
63 inch wide all-in-one kitchenette with full-sized sealed burner gas range with oven, compact refrigerator-freezer, ...
CK72ADASINKR Kitchenette Front


34.0" H x 71.75" W x 23.75" D
72 inch wide, ADA counter height all-in-one kitchenette in black with a 2-burner 115V smooth top cooktop, 2-door refr...
ACK72ELSTW Kitchenette Front


40.0" H x 71.75" W x 24.25" D
72 inch wide all-in-one kitchenette with 4-burner 220V smooth-top electric range, refrigerator-freezer, sink, cutting...
ACKDW721G Kitchenette Front


40.0" H x 71.0" W x 26.0" D
71" wide all-in-one kitchenette with a full-sized frost-free refrigerator-freezer, 24" dishwasher, 2-burner radiant 1...