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European Refrigeration for Under the Counter

Summit’s trademark undercounter series sets the standard for trusted refrigeration, with 24" wide choices made in Europe in a variety of styles to fit every setting.

European Undercounter Refrigeration


✔ Bigger capacity than similarly sized brands

✔ Trouble-free operation with simple & intuitive mechanical controls

✔ Dual evaporator cooling in refrigerator-freezers for genuine frozen storage

European Refrigeration Detail 1
European Refrigeration Detail 2

Residential Refrigeration

5.5 cu.ft. All-Refrigerators
5.1 cu.ft. Refrigerator-Freezers

5.5 cu.ft. All-Refrigerators

5.1 cu.ft. Refrigerator-Freezers

Commercial Refrigeration


Commercial Refrigeration

Beverage Centers



Healthcare Refrigerators & Freezers

-25ºC Freezers
General Purpose Healthcare Refrigeration

-25ºC Freezers

General Purpose 
Healthcare Refrigeration

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