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The Industry's Source For Under the Counter

With choices in 6 inch, 12 inch, 15 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch, 24 inch, 30 inch, and 36 inch widths, Summit Appliance carries the industry's largest selection of built-in undercounter appliances. From dual zone wine cellars to frost-free all-freezers, our undercounter line has the right fit for every space, including endless options in a 32 inch height for ADA compliant counters.

We offer a variety of finishes including classic white and black, industrial diamond plate, professional stainless steel with a choice in handle, and stainless steel door frames that allows users to customize their solid or glass doors with overlay panels that blend into pre-designed cabinetry. Our newest option includes fingerprint-free black stainless steel, available on our 15 inch, 18 inch, and 24 inch wide undercounter sets.

Downloadable Catalog

For our most current product offerings, we encourage you to use our website and search below for the size you need. You can also download our built-in undercounter product catalog in PDF.

 FF1532BKS refrigerator with SCFF1842KS freezer

Shown above: FF1532BKS refrigerator with SCFF1533BKS freezer in black stainless steel

6” Wide Wine Cellars

12” Wide Collection

15” Wide Collection

SWC007 6 Inch Wide Wine Cellar
SWC1224B 12" wide Built-In Wine Cellar
ALR15B 15" Wide Built-In All-Refrigerator, ADA Compliant

Shown above: SWC007

Make a statement with extra cabinet space with our compressor-drived 6 inch wine refrigerator, adjustable for standard or ADA compliant counters

Shown above: SWC1224B

Matching wine and beverage centers, each sized at just under 12 inches wide.

Shown above: ALR15B

Mix and match our 15 inch wide options for refrigerators, frost-free freezers, clear or drain-free ice makers, wine cellars, and beverage centers.

18" Wide Collection

20" Wide Collection

24" Wide Collection

CL181WBVCSS 18 Inch Wide Built-In Beverage Center
FS407LBI7ADA  20 Inch Wide Built-In All-Freezer, ADA Compliant
CT663BBISSHHADA 24 Inch Built-In Refrigerator-Freezer, ADA Compliant

Shown above: CL181WBVCSS

Refrigerators, frost-free freezers, beverage centers, and one of the only dual zone 18 inch wide wine cellar choices in the industry!

Shown above: FS407LBI7ADA

Our 20 inch lineup includes wine cellars and commercial beverage centers, as well as commercial and general purpose refrigerators and freezers.

Shown above: CT663BBISSHHADA

The largest selection of built-in appliances on the market, with a variety of indoor and outdoor refrigerators, freezers, wine cellars, craft beer refrigerators, bevage centers, and kegerators.

27" Wide Collection

30" Wide Collection

27" Wide coll;ection
FFRF3070BIF 24" Wide Built-In Refrigerator-Freezer, ADA Compliant

Shown above:  SPR275OS2D

Shown above:  FFRF3070BIF

For wider undercounter spaces, we offer dual zone wine centers, wine/beverage combinations, and single compressor French door refrigerator-freezers.

36" Wide Collection

SWC3668ADA 36" Wide Built-In Wine Cellar, ADA Compliant

Shown above: SWC3668ADA

Our 36 inch wide line includes dual zone wine cellars, with refrigerator-freezer combinations coming soon.

Drawer Refrigeration

Summit manufactures a wide variety of single and double refrigerator drawers, all with panel-ready fronts in fully finished stainless steel. Our selection includes refrigerators, matching freezers, and dual zone refrigerator-freezers. Available in standard or ADA compliant height for indoor or outdoor kitchens, our lineup goes from 15" to 30" wide and includes our unique Shallow Depth(TM) series for a better fit. 

Drawer Refrigeration

Downloadable Catalogs:

Built-In Undercounter Refrigeration Line
Apartment Sized Refrigerator-Freezer Catalog
Beer, Wine, Beverage, & Outdoor Refrigeration Collection
Ranges, Cooktops, Microwaves, & Wall Ovens
ADA Compliant Line Overview

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