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Dial Back to the Basics with Mechanical Controls

Mechanical Control Stove

A wifi-enabled appliance might seem like a great idea, but sometimes, you just need a refrigerator to keep your food cold. From broken computer boards to constant server upgrades, smart technology doesn’t always pair well with your standard kitchen appliance needs.

Go back to the basics with Summit’s extensive selection of cooking and refrigeration choices designed with simple mechanical controls. With choices in virtually every category, including American-made cooktops and ranges, you’ll find that sometimes, reliable, easy-to-use classic design never goes out of style.

Benefits of Mechanical Controls



Full Size Refrigerators with Dial Controls
Under counter and ADA appliances with dial controls
Compact Choices with dial controls

Full-Size Refrigerators

Undercounter & ADA

Compact Choices

Outdoor Refrigeration with mechanical controls
Kegerator with dial controls
Gas Ranges with Dial Controls

Outdoor Refrigeration


Gas Ranges

Electric Ranges with Mechanical Controls
Gas Cooktops with dial controls
Electric Cooktops with dial controls

Electric Ranges

Gas Cooktops

Electric Cooktops

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Built-In Undercounter Appliance Line 
Outdoor Product Line
ADA Compliant Overview
Commercial Refrigeration

Analog controls on your appliance mean easier use, easier service, and timeless convenience

✔  No servers 
✔  No boards 
✔  No upgrades 
✔  No learning curve

Trusted technology that never goes out of style!