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PIC 1. Wine storage


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How to Properly Store Wine

Properly storing wine brings out the best flavor and fragrance of wine. There are three key factors that affect wine: temperature, humidity, and light.

Temperature is our main concern when storing wine. The temperature at which wine is served has a significant effect on its taste, which is why we recommend tested, tried, and true wine refrigeration. Recommended temperatures for best serving wine are:


Beaujolais: 54-59 ºF
Bordeaux: Red 62-67 ºF
Cabernet Sauvignon: 62-67ºF
Chianti: 58-63ºF
Merlot: 58-63ºF
Pinot Noir: 58-63ºF
Rioja: 59-68ºF
Port – Tawny: 50-55ºF
Port – Vintage: 62-67ºF
Syrah: 59-68ºF
Zinfandel Red: 62-67ºF


Bordeaux: White 50-54ºF
Chardonnay: 45-50ºF
Chenin Blanc: 43-48ºF
Gewurztraminer: 48-50ºF
Pinot Gris: 45-50ºF
Sauvignon Blanc: 50-54ºF



Champagne: 40-44ºF
Dessert Wines: 45-50ºF
Rosé: 40-44ºF
Sparkling Wines: 45-50ºF

digital control

Humidity Protection

When the humidity is too low, you risk a dried out cork. If it is too high, mold or mildew may grow.

Store Wine Horizontally

Storing wine horizontally, prevents the cork from drying out and breaking into the wine.

Store Wine at the Right Temperature

The warmer the air, the more moisture it holds. Not happy with your current storage results? Consider opting for a Wine Cellar. Wine cellars are designed to maintain stable temperature optimal for wine to store and aging.

Temperature Stability

Not Too Cold, Not Too Hot

Temperatures higher than 70º F ages the wine prematurely and “cooks” the wine, ruining its flavors and aromas. Extremely cold temperatures, 22°F or lower, can thicken the wine into slush. White wines lose their fruit aromas,and red wine will change texture when exposed to colder than optimal temperatures.

Downsides of Multipurpose Refrigerator

A standard kitchen refrigerator is typically opened and closed dozens of times throughout any given day. Each time the door is opened, the interior is exposed to room temperature, causing temperature fluctuations within the refrigerator. The compressor works to compensate the difference, and causes refrigerator to shake. These fluctuations and vibrations work against your wine and cork.

Benefits of Wine Cellar

Wine refrigerator are specifically designed to store wine at the right temperature with little variation.
Tint Options

Protection from Light

Did you ever wonder why wine come in a colored glass bottle?
The main reason is to prevent sunlight from directly hitting and oxidizing the wine. Too much oxidation ruins the structure of the wine.

Wine Cellar Doors

Wine cellar doors are optimized to filter out unwanted UV rays. The solid door or a tinted glass finish acts as an effective filter.

Custom Tinting

Summit offers custom glass door tints to refrigerators. Click here to learn more about Summit Glass Door Tints.

Popular Wine Cellars

SWC007 Wine Cellar Front


32.25" H x 5.88" W x 20.75" D
6" wide ADA compliant built-in undercounter commercial wine cellar designed for the display and refrigeration of beve...
SWC1224B Wine Cellar Front


34.38" H x 11.88" W x 22.38" D
12" wide built-in undercounter commercially approved wine cellar designed for the display and refrigeration of bevera...
ALWC15 Wine Cellar Front


32.0" H x 14.75" W x 23.63" D
15" wide built-in ADA compliant commercial wine cellar for display and refrigeration of up to 23 bottles, with glass ...
CL15WC Wine Cellar Front


34.5" H x 15.0" W x 23.38" D
15" wide built-in wine cellar with seamless stainless steel trimmed low-e glass door
VC60D Wine Cellar Front


34.88" H x 23.25" W x 22.38" D
51 bottle fully integrated dual zone commercial wine cellar designed for the display and refrigeration of beverages, ...
SWC182ZADA Wine Cellar Front


31.63" H x 17.75" W x 23.5" D
18" wide ADA compliant dual zone wine cellar for built-in or freestanding use, with digital controls, lock, and LED l...
ALWC532PNR Wine Cellar Front


31.63" H x 23.5" W x 23.38" D
ADA compliant dual zone built-in wine cellar designed for the display and refrigeration of up to 46 bottles, with dig...
ASDW2412 Wine Cellar Front


32.0" H x 23.38" W x 17.75" D
24" wide shallow depth built-in undercounter ADA compliant wine cellar with glass door, stainless steel interior, bla...
SWC1102 Wine Cellar Front


58.5" H x 23.63" W x 22.63" D
102 bottle single-zone commercial wine cellar designed for the display and refrigeration of beverages, with glass doo...