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Company Headlines

Felix Storch Inc. Completes Specialized Training Program for Company Staff

June 4, 2010, Bronx, NY--Felix Storch Inc. congratulates its staff on graduating from a yearlong training program with NYC Department of Small Business Services (SBS). For the second year in a row, employees of SUMMIT Appliance participated in on-site training with weekly courses in a broad curriculum.

"We viewed this opportunity as an investment, both in our individual employees and our whole company's growth," said Paul Storch, Vice President of Felix Storch Inc. "An educated workforce helps us improve every aspect of our day-to-day output because each employee has the skills to contribute more efficiently."

Over the past year, production, warehouse, and customer service staff members studied industry-specific subjects that included lean manufacturing and quality control. Employees also worked to improve their language and math skills, taking classes in ESL and remedial to advanced mathematics. Sixty-four employees participated in both traditional classroom activities and more hands-on training including hipot testing and forklift safety.

The program was funded by a $242,919 grant from NYC Business Solutions Training Funds, which was matched by a $202,750 employer contribution. SBS is dedicated to keeping local businesses competitive while providing entry-level workers with career advancement opportunities.

With an extensive product line that requires precise in-house customization, SUMMIT Appliance has a special demand for skilled employees in the mechanical field. "We do our best to keep as much production in the city as possible, resulting in minimal lead time and faster deliveries," adds Storch. "The more rounded our employees are, the better we can provide for our customers."

New Website For Medical Product Line

March 26, 2010, Bronx, NY--Summit Appliance launches the next generation website for its medical division of refrigerators, freezers, and ADA compliant major appliances.

Following the successful redesign of in August 2009, the new features brand new product photography and printable two-page brochures. Users can search for products by general size and type, or use specific filters to narrow search results by features.

The new website also includes additional resources for medical users, including series-specific guides on Summit models and a series of articles on vaccine storage and handling.

"We carry one of the most comprehensive medical lines of refrigeration in the industry," said Paul Storch, Vice President of Felix Storch, Inc. "Our new website should make finding the right product for our customers a direct and easy process."

Also featured on the new website is Summit Appliance's Accucold division of scientific refrigeration, a line exclusively designed for the storage of vaccines and medical goods.

Visit to explore the new website and product lines.

About SUMMIT Appliance

Since 1969, SUMMIT Appliance, a division of Felix Storch, Inc., has been a leading manufacturer and distributor of major appliances for commercial, household, medical, and laboratory use, including the industry's largest selection of built-in under counter refrigeration and a complete series of ADA compliant models.

Product Features:
  • Digital thermostat
  • Recessed LED lighting
  • Factory installed lock
  • Reversible stainless steel trimmed glass door
  • Professional handle
  • Adjustable shelves (wooden or chrome)

SUMMIT Appliance Advances Cold Storage with ACCUCOLD™ Refrigeration

February 11, 2010, Bronx, NY--SUMMIT Appliance introduces ACCUCOLD™, a new line of compact and under counter refrigeration designed to store vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and other specimens at precise temperatures.

Ideally sized with 24" footprints or compact cube dimensions, SUMMIT ACCUCOLD™ all-refrigerators and all-freezers are specially featured with advanced upgrades most requested by the laboratory community. Front locks, high temperature alarms with external temperature displays, hospital grade plugs, and self-closing doors are standard, with internal fans and heat sinks installed on all refrigerators.

All SUMMIT ACCUCOLD™ models are U.L. approved and meet commercial and CalCode standards. 24" wide built-in capable models are also available in a 32" high version to fit under lower ADA compliant counters.

For more information, visit SUMMIT Appliance online at or call 718-893-3900.

About SUMMIT Appliance

Since 1969, SUMMIT Appliance, a division of Felix Storch, Inc., has been a leading manufacturer and distributor of major appliances for commercial, household, medical, and laboratory use, including the industry's largest selection of built-in under counter refrigeration and a complete series of ADA compliant units.

Beer Frosters Bring Out the Best In Bottles and Cans

March 24, 2010, Bronx, NY--Bottled beer reaches new depths of ice cold refreshment in Summit Appliance's unique series of Cold Cavern™ beer frosters.

These compact and counter height freezers are designed exclusively to hold cans and bottles at 24ºF, beer's lowest point before freezing. Bottles get so cold, they literally "frost" over when removed from the unit, keeping the beer inside at a near-freezing temperature.

While many ales and darker brews are traditionally served at warmer temperatures, domestic lights are generally enjoyed as cold as possible. "For a lot of beer drinkers, there's just nothing more refreshing than an ice cold beer," says Paul Storch, Vice President of Summit Appliance. "A beer froster gives you the same sensation you get in a frosted glass, but lets you keep beer in the bottle. It's more convenient for home entertaining."

Beer frosters are available for commercial or home use, with options in automatic defrost and with stainless steel doors. Summit Appliance beer frosters include original door decals with high resolution imagery and text options for English and Spanish speaking markets.

In addition to beer frosters, Summit Appliance carries an extensive line of beer dispensers, wine cellars, and general and specialty refrigeration. To learn more, visit or call 718-893-3900.

About Summit Appliance

Since 1969, Summit Appliance has been a leading manufacturer and distributor of major appliances for commercial, household, medical, and laboratory use, including the industry's largest selection of built-in undercounter refrigeration and a complete series of ADA compliant units.

Transporting Vaccines Is Safer With SUMMIT Appliance

January 14, 2010, Bronx, NY--Vaccines are sensitive biological substances that can become less effective, or even destroyed, when exposed to temperatures outside the recommended range. That's why these materials must be stored properly from the time they are manufactured until they are administered, a challenge many medical facilities face when transporting pharmaceuticals or providing mobile health care services.

To address this need, SUMMIT Appliance, a leading manufacturer and supplier of medical refrigeration, has introduced the SPRF26M, a portable 12/24 volt refrigerator/freezer designed for the safe and stable transport of vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and other specimens that require consistent temperature conditions.

SUMMIT SPRF26M utilizes a powerful compressor designed to maintain precise temperatures at refrigerator or freezer levels (-18ºC capable). For portable use, this unit can be plugged into the 12V DC lighter socket inside any vehicle or 24V battery source to allow stable temperature control on the road. An AC adapter is also included for alternate use in 110V electrical wall outlets.

"Medical storage requires a more advanced design than an everyday cooler," says Steve Ross, Vice President of Marketing for SUMMIT Appliance. "Solid construction and true insulation are essential, and the SPRF26M's resilient plastic body is built to hold up to rugged use." For further safety, the SPRF26M includes a digital thermostat with external temperature readout. This feature helps to limit the time contents spend exposed to ambient temperature, as users can monitor the temperature without opening the lid.

In addition to temperature stability, SUMMIT SPRF26M is specifically featured for professional storage in medical applications. A keyed chrome lock allows more security for storing sensitive materials, a serious consideration when administering certain vaccines or collecting samples in the field. SUMMIT Appliance also provides a wheeled trolley for smooth mobility when transporting the unit.

To learn more about this model, visit or call 718-893-3900.