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Felix Storch, Inc. Teams Up With Nonprofit To Bring Employment Opportunities To the Homeless

Partnership With Jericho Project Yields Success For Veterans

May 27, 2014--Felix Storch, Inc., was pleased to be featured in the New York Daily News for recognition of its hiring practices. Since 2012, Felix Storch, Inc. (FSI), has been employing dozens of entry level staff members through its collaboration with Jericho Project, a nonprofit that provides housing and employment services to the homeless.

Based in midtown Manhattan, Jericho Project offers workshops and job training sessions to homeless individuals before coordinating their employment with companies like FSI. Through their Veterans Initiative, Jericho Project has helped over 550 veterans find housing and employment opportunities, including some at FSI.

FSI has also benefited greatly, as its partnership with Jericho Project has grown its workforce with quality employees. You can read the full article here.

Summit Appliance Brings More Choices Under the Counter

The Largest Collection of Built-In & ADA Compliant Refrigerators On the Market

Bronx, NY, April 28, 2014—Summit Appliance, a division of Felix Storch, Inc., continues to expand its virtually endless line of undercounter appliances with choices in 12”, 15”, 18”, 20”, 24”, and 30” widths.

Since introducing its built-in product line, Summit Appliance has become one of the industry’s largest manufacturers of undercounter appliances, offering all-refrigerators, frost-free and low temperature all-freezers, refrigerator-freezers, wine cellars, and drawer units. Doors can be customized in stainless steel or integrated door frames designed to accept customer supplied overlay panels.

"We carry a wide assortment of the standard cutouts sizes—24” x 24”—that are very easy to integrate in a pre-designed kitchen or suite," says Steve Ross, Vice President of Felix Storch, Inc. "Over the last few years, we’ve also seen an increasing demand for slimmer appliances."

The smallest of these units is Summit Appliance’s SWC1224, a built-in wine cellar sized at just 12” wide. Other popular models include the CT66BBISSTB, a refrigerator-freezer constructed in Europe and finished with a 304 grade stainless steel wrapped door. Like most of Summit Appliance’s undercounter line, this unit can be ordered in a lower 32” height to fit under counters complying with ADA guidelines for accessibility.

Summit Appliance will be displaying these model at the upcoming HD Expo (Booth 3443). For more information, visit or call 1-800-932-4267.

Summit Appliance Introduces Energy Saving Door Tints

Bronx, NY, April 3, 2014—Glass door refrigerators are getting an energy efficient makeover with Summit Appliance’s new tinted door options. Available in four styles, these tints help to prevent light from damaging stored items, thereby reducing energy consumption and saving on running costs.

"Many wine enthusiasts love to display their collections behind glass doors, but this puts every bottle in a vulnerable place," says Paul Storch, President of Felix Storch, Inc. "Even double or triple pane glass will allow some light to penetrate the door. This forces the refrigerator or wine cellar to work harder to maintain its temperature."

Summit’s door tints are designed to help combat the harmful effects of natural and artificial light. Using Clear Distortion Free adhesive technology, reflective or low-e film is applied directly to the glass doors of any Summit beverage center or wine cellar.

Four different color options provide a range in energy savings and interior visibility. A mirror finish in low-e film allows maximum energy savings, rejecting 85% of solar energy and reducing glare by 87%. Blue tints come in two styles: a midnight blue finish with 69% solar energy rejection and glare reduction, and a lighter blue that provides more interior visibility. For the customer looking for moderate protection, Summit offers a light smoke tint that keeps stored items in view. All options reject up to 99% of UV rays.

"There are some applications where a door tint can be absolutely vital to cold storage," says Storch. "When a refrigerator is placed in direct sunlight, a tinted door will offer noticeable improvement in its temperature performance. On the other hand, some customers just love the look."

Summit carries an extensive selection of built-in and full-size wine cellars, as well as commercial beverage centers and outdoor display refrigerators. All units can be customized with these door tints. To learn more about the energy savings of door tinting and to view the different options, visit

Felix Storch, Inc. Awarded Design Patent

Space-Saving Range Hood For Over-The-Range Microwaves To Launch In 2015

Bronx, NY, June 13, 2014—Having manufactured and distributed major specialty appliances since 1969, Felix Storch, Inc., is now expanding its design division with a U.S. patent for its 'C-Hood' ventilation project.

"Over the years, many of our customers have asked for more solutions to venting smaller built-in microwaves," says Paul Storch, President of Felix Storch, Inc. "Most of what they find on the market is aimed at the standard American kitchen, which is simply too large for our niche customers with space constraints."

Through its Summit Appliance division, Felix Storch, Inc., caters to the more unique needs of smaller living spaces. In 2012, the company decided to pursue the development of a proprietary 24" wide 'C-Hood,' a stainless steel 'c' shaped cabinet designed to hold a microwave and provide air filtration through a recirculating process. On June 3, 2014, Felix Storch, Inc., was awarded a United States Design Patent for this project.

"When it comes to the small kitchen market, every inch of space counts," Storch says. "Being able to house a microwave under your cabinet frees up counter space, something that can be a true luxury in tight apartment kitchens."

The C-Hood will also include the standard features found on ventilation products, including a fan and light. Production is slated to begin in the fourth quarter of 2014 in the company’s Bronx manufacturing facility. For more information about Summit Appliance and its complete product line, visit

New Two-Drawer Refrigerator-Freezer Brings Innovation Under the Counter

Summit Appliance Introduces Frost-Free SPRF2DIM Refrigerator-Freezer

Bronx, NY, January 13, 2014—Summit Appliance is expanding its collection of built-in undercounter appliances with a new two-drawer refrigerator-freezer.

Sized for 24” wide cutouts, the SPRF2DIM offers the complete convenience of a separate refrigerator and freezer section, a rare design feature on drawer units. The exterior is fully wrapped in 304 grade stainless steel, with slim handles designed to match many popular styles of residential cabinetry.

“We’re seeing more and more drawer appliances integrated into kitchen design, partly due to the modern look but also for the space savings,” says Steve Ross, Vice President of Felix Storch, Inc. “The SPRF2DIM provides plenty of frozen and fresh storage in a 24” footprint.”

Both sections utilize frost-free operation to eliminate the manual defrosting process. Additional features include a digital thermostat, interior light, and factory installed icemaker.

The SPRF2DIM measures 34” H x 23.75” W x 24.25” D and can be installed built-in under standard counters or used freestanding. To learn more about this unit and Summit’s complete line of built-in appliances, visit or call 1-800-932-4267.