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The Best Choice For Minibars Is Now At Summit

A minibar may be small, but choosing the wrong one can become a big problem for hotels and their guests. Summit’s new line of solid state minibars offers huge improvements over compressor-based units with completely silent, vibration-free operation that won’t disturb a single night’s sleep. Unlike absorption models, these are also 100% ammonia-free, containing no toxic or environmentally dangerous chemicals while performing with 30% more energy efficiency. Available with solid or glass doors, these units offer a smarter, safer solution to keeping your guests happily refreshed.

Energy Efficient

Because of their innovating cooling technology, solid state minibars offer far more energy savings than standard absorption refrigerators. In our laboratory tests, the MBH series used 30% less energy than traditional absorption units, ensuring a greener performance that can save your hotel big money in annual electricity bills.

Eco-Friendly Design

Our MBH series' cooling system utilizes environmentally friendly, non-CFC containing materials to ensure greener operation. Unlike absorption minibars, the MBH units do not contain any ammonia, preventing any toxic leaks and other dangers often associated with that technology.

MBH32GL (left) and MBH45B (right)

Silent Operation

Using a heat pump Peltier cooling system, the MBH minibars aren't whisper quiet: they're absolutely silent, making no noise to disturb your guests' sleep. Since these are designed without fans or motors, our minibars are 100% vibration-free because there are no moving parts to rattle or hum while your guests enjoy their rest.