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Bronx, NY, September 2023—With a 54-year history of innovating kitchen appliances, Summit Appliance, a division of Felix Storch, Inc. (FSI), is bringing new technology to radiant cooktops for a safer cooking experience in hospitality settings. 

Many hotel kitchens provide small electric cooktops for guests who enjoy light cooking. While this can be convenient for travelers, it also poses fire hazards that many facilities prefer to avoid entirely. When not in their own homes, hotel guests may use less caution in the kitchen. A jetlagged traveler can easily fall asleep unexpectedly, or a family with small children may have trouble navigating new appliances while managing the stress of travel. That’s where Summit’s new lineup of Safety First cooktops comes in.

These radiant cooktops are equipped with key safety features, including a built-in automatic shutoff system that disables the power after 30 minutes of inactivity to eliminate the danger of unsupervised cooking. Additionally, if the cooktop is turned on with no additional activity after one minute, it will turn off (helping to prevent accidental touches from powering the cooktop). Overflow protection powers off the cooktop if boiling liquid or a wet cloth touches the controls. Wiping the control area dry will allow you to reactivate the heating
process. The cooktop displays a hot surface indicator after use until the elements have cooled down.

“When it comes to cooking, our hotel customers prioritize safety above all else,” notes Joe Ruedt, Hospitality Product Manager for Summit Appliance. “We’re excited to now offer a way for these spaces to still create the full kitchen, but without compromising on the risk factor.”
The Safety First cooktops are available for 115V connections (model number CRH2BT30115) or 230V connections (model number CRH2BT30230). Both are ADA compliant and come in smooth black ceramic glass with upfront digital touch controls. These comply with the latest UL-858 safety standards.

In addition to the Safety First series of glass cooktops, Summit also manufactures solid disk electric cooktops, an incredibly durable design used by many extended stay and efficiency living spaces. Additional hospitality product lines include silent minibars, all-in-one kitchenettes, and a new series of in-room safes available this fall. To learn more, contact Summit Appliance at 718-893-3900 ext. 216 or 218, or visit


The Specialty Appliance Manufacturer Introduces 

Portable Bar Stations For Backyard Entertaining

Bronx, NY, August 14, 2023—Summit Appliance, a division of Felix Storch, Inc. (FSI) is expanding its popular lineup of combination kitchenettes into outdoor spaces. The new series features weatherproof choices that incorporate a variety of food and beverage storage solutions in one mobile unit.

Summit has been innovating the all-in-one kitchenette with a variety of unique and functional choices, and the new CARTOS54 series continues that trend. Assembled in FSI’s New York facilities, this unit combines a locking outdoor refrigerator (solid or glass door style), slide-out trash compartment with two waste bins, and sink that can be connected to a standard water connection or hose fixture. The sink can also be used as a temporary ice bin, as a waste bottle is included to drain melted ice. The stainless steel work surface offers a wide prep area, including a removable cutting board that doubles as a cover for a silverware and utensil bin.

Additional features include a pre-installed speed rail for bottle and cup storage, removable cabinet shelf, and removable clear domed lid to help protect food and beverages.

The CARTOS54 series is constructed from stainless steel and powder-coated metal to hold up to outdoor settings, while a vinyl weatherproof cover is included for recommended use out of season. The unit includes pre-installed casters to ensure easy movement around the yard. The front two wheels are locking, making it easy to fix the unit in place when ready to serve.

The move to outdoor bar stations was a natural fit for Summit Appliance, as the manufacturer already offers a wide selection of outdoor refrigeration products. “Over the last few years, we’ve seen so much growth in outdoor kitchens,” notes Paul Storch, President of FSI. “We’re excited that we can now package everything but the grill into one portable piece.”

Summit’s outdoor kitchenette is available now through a large network of resellers. To learn more, visit


1 to 18 cu.ft. Purpose-Built Vaccine Storage Equipment Designed to Conform to the New Industry Standard 

Bronx, NY, March 1, 2023—Accucold, a division of Felix Storch, Inc. (FSI), has expanded its lineup of purpose-built vaccine refrigeration with the industry’s largest selection of cold storage equipment certified to the NSF/ANSI 456 Vaccine Storage Standard. Available in 9 sizes from 1 to 18 cu.ft., the Accucold Pharma-Vac Performance Series has been tested by an ANSI accredited third part laboratory to conform to the latest standard.

Temperature excursions can affect the viability of vaccines, so choosing the right refrigerators and freezers that have been designed and purpose built for the application is extremely important. In May of 2021, a standard was developed by the NSF Joint Committee (comprised of CDC Members, and manufacturing/pharmaceutical experts) on vaccine storage. This new NSF/ANSI 456 Vaccine Storage Standard was created to help define temperature performance attributes for vaccine storage units and to challenge refrigerators and freezers manufacturers with testing and performance protocols designed around real-world use applications common in demanding healthcare environments.

Testing includes confirming temperature performance during a series of short, frequent door openings to simulate regular use, as well as long, extended door openings to simulate events such as inventory counts or cleaning that may require the door to remain open for up to several minutes. The standard acknowledges that how vaccines are loaded into refrigerators and freezers may affect performance, so units must pass performance criteria loaded and unloaded. In addition, all potential storage locations are considered to ensure there are no hot or cold spots that may allow vaccines to go out of CDC recommended temperature ranges. Temperature measurements are taken in 15 locations during the testing to confirm consistent performance.

“We’re incredibly proud that Accucold now leads the industry with the largest line of cold storage product sizes certified to the NSF/ANSI 456 Vaccine Storage Standard,” says Mark Manders, Vice President of the Accucold division of FSI. “These units have been thoughtfully designed and engineered to support meeting regulations and guidelines from the CDC, State Agencies, World Health Organization, and other health ministries on vaccine storage and handling.”  


All models in this product line feature an intelligent microprocessor digital temperature controller that keeps the current and high/low temperature viewable without the need to open the door. The temperature is read from a buffered probe stored in a glycol-filled bottle to better simulate the temperature of the product. An additional sensor reads the air temperature. This equipment is designed to operate between 2 and 8ºC with a +/- 1ºC temperature variance. Each unit ships with a 2-year certification of calibration.

Accucold products are available through a large national network of medical equipment resellers. Units certified to the new standard are designated by the “456” suffix in the product number. For more information on this product line, visit or call 718-893-3900. 


Refrigerators and Freezers Now Available in Cobalt, Emerald, Lavender, and Saffron Gold

Bronx, NY, September 8th, 2022—Summit Appliance, a division of Felix Storch, Inc. (FSI), continues to expand

undercounter possibilities with four new color options. These new finishes are available on Summit’s popular

24 inch wide lineup of 34 and 32 inch high refrigerators, freezers, and refrigerator-freezers.

Each door is manufactured in the USA from domestic steel and applied to the units in FSI’s Bronx-based

facility. The doors have a slight glossy finish and include a pre-installed stainless steel handle in a thin 14mm

diameter, mounted horizontally to match many styles of popular cabinetry. The color options include an

emerald green (RAL 6001), cobalt blue (RAL 5010), lavender purple (RAL4005) and saffron gold (RAL 1017).

FSI decided to add these options specifically on its undercounter line, which allows designers to play with

color on a smaller scale. “Not every space is ready to make the full transition to a bold color scheme, but our

built-in lineup is perfect for adding a fresh burst of style that offers something more modern than the usual

integrated panel or stainless steel,” says Emily Intravia, Marketing Director of FSI.

The color options are available on standard and ADA height undercounter units, including commercial grade

kegerators and matching refrigerators/freezer sets. Additional sizes and colors will be introduced later in in


Summit products are available nationwide through a large network of resellers. To learn more, visit


Bronx, NY, October 4th, 2022—Known for manufacturing slim-fitting and unique sizes of refrigeration, Summit Appliance, a division of Felix Storch, Inc. (FSI), is now meeting the needs of kitchen islands, wet bars, and other space-confined kitchens with a complete 9-piece undercounter lineup sized at less than 18 inches deep. 

Available in 15 inch and 24 inch widths, the Summit Shallow Depth Series combines commercial grade construction with everyday functionality. All units feature front-breathing systems for zero clearance installation, with sealed rears and right angle plugs to ensure a flush fit. The interiors are constructed from stainless steel, enhancing visibility and improving sanitary conditions. Units are sized at 32 inches high to fit under lower ADA compliant counters, but each includes extendable legs and an innovative slide-down kickplate that allows the refrigerators to be raised up to 34 inches high.

“For over fifty years, Summit has led the industry in creating undercounter appliances that brought traditional features to uniquely slim widths,” says Paul Storch, President of FSI. “Some of the most popular home renovation trends of recent years have made it clear that we also must consider the depth.”

Most undercounter refrigerators are sized between 22 and 24 inches deep, standard for most traditional kitchen design. But as Storch points out, there is a growing need for different sizes. “Popular styles of kitchen islands, one of the most desirable features for homeowners, often require shallower footprints due to seating cutouts or fit. Converting basements into home bars can be its own challenge, as these are spaces that weren’t designed with refrigeration in mind,” adds Storch. 

The Shallow Depth Series features 9 models in total: a 15 inch and 24 inch wide refrigerator, wine cellar, beverage center, and drawer refrigerator, and a 24 inch wide outdoor all-refrigerator. All models are approved to NSF-7 standards, making them usable as back bar coolers in commercial restaurant spaces as well as residential kitchens. Options include stainless steel, customizable panel-ready ready fronts, and Summit’s new color finishes in cobalt blue, emerald, saffron gold, and lavender. 

Summit products are available nationwide through a large network of resellers. To learn more, visit