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NEW Product Alert: Stainless Steel Cart with Portable Refrigerator/Freezer

Bronx, NY, February 3, 2021 - We have added a new option for our portable vaccine refrigerator/freezers by combining them with one of our stainless steel rolling carts. The two items are packaged separately but shipped on one pallet.

SPRF36LCART (With Lock)
38 1/2" H x 29" W x 21 1/2" D


  • Fully assembled 304 grade stainless steel rolling cart with wheels included

  • Storage cabinet for non-refrigerated items

  • Side shelf included

  • Portable SPRF36 can function at refrigerator (2 to 8ºC) or freezer temperatures (down to -15ºC)

  • 12/24V hookup included to plug into the power socket of vehicles

  • AC adapter included to plug into standard 110-120V wall sockets

  • For more information, contact your FSI representative today!

    COVID-19 Product Inventory & Delivery Timing

    Bronx, NY, January 11, 2021 - For your convenience, we now include estimated ship time on our COVID-19 Resource Page that breaks down the estimated lead time for popular vaccine storage products.

    Updated daily for your convenience, it's a fast, reliable, and convenient way to check our COVID-19 stock, helping you to plan before your purchase!

    COVID-19 Resource Page

    To speak to someone regarding vaccine storage solutions, contact your Accucold representative today!

    CDC Guidelines on COVID-19 Specimen Collection & Storage

    Bronx, NY, November 11, 2020 - As the world continues to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, it anxiously awaits word on two fronts – a vaccine that can help to protect against the virus and its effects, and therapeutics that can assist in lessening the impacts of the virus once it is contracted.

    While the world waits, it is important to remember that specimens are being collected from those who test positive and those who unfortunately die as a result of the virus. The collecting, handling, storing, and testing of COVID-19 specimens must be done under the strictest of guidelines.

    For an overview of CDC storage guidelines, as well as vaccine storage solutions by Accucold, click here

    To speak to someone regarding vaccine storage solutions, contact your Accucold representative today!

    NEW Product Alert: ADA compliant All-Refrigerator

    Bronx, NY, October 29, 2020 - Accucold's newest ADA compliant all-refrigerator is ideal for storing vaccines on a budget. The ACR45L series is less than 32" high for use under ADA compliant counters, with a 2-8ºC temperature range ideal for healthcare applications.

    ACR45L * ACR45LCAL (with NIST calibrated thermometer)
    31.5" H x 19.5" W x 22.75" D
    2.65 cu.ft.


    • Less than 32" high to fit under ADA compliant counters

    • Built-in or freestanding in slim fit under 20"

    • Externally located digital controls with a 2-8ºC range

    • External display of the current and high/low temperature

    • Audible alarm if the temperature rises or falls out of set range

    • Temperature viewable in ºC or ºF at the touch of a button

    • Buffered temperature probe in glass bead-filled bottle

    • Fixed center shelf to hold the probe in the optimum position

    • 2 adjustable wire shelves

    • User-reversible door swing

    • Hospital grade cord with green dot plug

    • 3/8" probe hole for additional monitoring equipment

    • Frost-free operation with fan-forced cooling

    • Fixed center shelf to hold the probe in the optimum position

    • Commercially listed to NSF-7 standards

    *This unit offers an upgraded design to our popular FF511LMED/MED2 series of 20" wide all-refrigerators.
    For more information, contact your Accucold representative today!

    NEW Product Alert: SPRF36M2 & SPRF86M2 Portable Refrigerator/Freezers

    Bronx, NY, October 12, 2020 - Accucold brings advanced convenience to cold chain management with two new additions to our portable refrigeration series. Fully featured portable coolers that can be set at refrigerator or freezer temperatures for the storage of select specimens, vaccines, and other materials. With a conveniently versatile design and reliable storage conditions, our portable coolers are ideal for applications that require easy transportation of cold items, such as collecting samples or administering vaccines at an off-site location.

    Two new models:
    25 5/8" H x 21 5/8" W x 14 3/4" D
    1 cu.ft.
    (Orderable now; shippable 10/19)

    25 7/8" H x 22" W x 17 1/2" D
    2.8 cu.ft.
    (Available now)


    • 12/24V DC operation to work with most vehicles

    • AC power adapter included for use with standard wall outlets

    • Factory-installed wheels for smooth mobility

    • Locking lid with two keys included

    • Externally located digital thermostat

    • Hammered aluminum interior

    • Strap handle included for easy steering

    • Functions as both a refrigerator (2-8ºC) or freezer (as low as -15ºC in SPRF36M2, -12ºC for limited storage in the SPRF86M2)

    For more information, contact your Accucold representative today!