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Introducing EQTemp, Your New Go-To For Healthcare Refrigeration

Bronx, NY, February 14th, 2024–Felix Storch, Inc. (FSI), known for serving medical and life science cold storage needs through its Accucold division, has launched a new brand specifically for the healthcare industry. Available in multiple sizes, the new EQTemp brand is specifically for use in medical offices, health departments, and pharmacies.

Temperature excursions can negatively impact the viability of not only vaccines but also other goods, such as blood-related products, testing reagents, topical preparations, and specific pharmaceuticals. Therefore, choosing the right refrigerators and freezers that have been purpose-built for the application is extremely important. EQTemp has explicitly designed each unit for convenient and reliable cold storage. 

Every model features a user-friendly, intelligent microprocessor digital temperature controller that keeps the current and high/low temperatures viewable without opening the door. The magnetic door gasket, self-closing door, and internal fans enhance the reliability, while the factory-installed lock and hospital-grade plug ensure added safety and protection. 

"We're incredibly excited for this innovative series of generalized healthcare refrigeration to hit the market," says Paul Storch, President of FSI. "These units have been thoughtfully designed to provide trusted reliability for facilities with specific storage needs on tighter budgets.”

EQTemp's series of ACR refrigeration offers units that are certified to the NSF/ANSI 456 Vaccine Storage Standard, and the temperature monitoring devices (TMD) are calibrated to NIST standards in their in-house ISO/IEC 17025:2017 certified laboratory. Each NSF456-certified unit ships with a 2-year certification of calibration.

EQTemp products are available through an extensive network of healthcare and medical equipment dealers and distributors. For more information, visit or call 718-893-3900.


Summit Appliance Reintroduces Our ADA-Compliant Under Cabinet Range Hoods!


Bronx, NY, November 2023— Once again, Summit is offering our under-cabinet convertible range hoods for ADA-compliant installation. Ideal for apartments, tiny homes, senior living kitchens, hotel suites, and other spaces prioritizing user accessibility. 

Featuring a powerful blower that reaches 300 CFM, these ranges ensure thorough ventilation over the slimmest cooking surfaces! Helping even the most space-challenged kitchens filter or vent out cooking smoke and steam. Each hood includes a remote terminal block and wall switch cover to allow the controls to be installed separately from the hood and at a lower, accessible height, following ADA guidelines. 

We now offer models in black, white, and stainless steel with various widths: 


Yes, these under cabinet ranges can all be used for ducted venting to the outside or recirculating operation where no external venting is possible.

Alternative units are also available in different sizes, colors, and makes. Coming soon: our European-style ADA hoods! Browse the full Summit product line to explore your options.

To learn more, contact us at 718-893-3900 ext. 507, or visit



Summit Appliance Announced As A Best Of KBIS 2024 Finalist

Bronx, NY, January 2024—With a 54-year history of innovating kitchen appliances, Summit Appliance, a Felix Storch, Inc. (FSI) division, has been announced as one of 49 finalists for Best of The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS), North America’s largest trade show dedicated to all aspects of kitchen and bath design.

Finalists were hand-selected by five leading interior designers: Nar Bustamante, Founder/Principal Designer, Nar Design Group; Swati Goorha, Principal, Swati Goorha Designs; Arianne Bellizaire, Owner/Principal Designer, Arianne Bellizaire Interiors; Lisa Peck, CEO/Principal Designer, LiLu Interiors; and Elizabeth Scruggs, General Contractor and Principal Designer, Superior Construction and Design.

Best of KBIS debuted a new format, inviting submissions across seven new categories. These categories reflect the evolving landscape of the industry, as eco-conscious products continue to lead innovation, wellness considerations move to the forefront, and form and function remain pillars for the architecture and design community.

Here’s a glance at the entire list of ‘Most Functional Find’  finalists: 

Summit Appliance
Link Cutting Boards
Zip Water


What To Expect From Summit This Year?


Join Summit Appliance at KBIS 2024, where they are gearing up to showcase their innovative, slim-fitting appliances.  

Summit will share their streamlined all-in-one kitchenettes that turn any space-challenged room into a complete working kitchen station in one easy-to-fit unit. Plus, a collection of slim-fitting refrigerators,  20” gas and electric ranges, and over-the-range microwaves that maximize the productivity of any kitchen.

Summit Appliance will also display their outdoor refrigeration line, one of the largest in the industry. The NYC-based company’s under-counter line includes 15", 18", 24", and 30" wide choices, including dozens of 32" high models designed to fit under lower ADA-compliant counters.

Working with an island-style? Good thing their shallow-depth series is just 18" deep.

LASTLY, the company is expected to introduce its new luxury line, Dreambilt.
“Opulence starts with a dream.”


This new collection of under-counter refrigerators will feature elevated designs, slim footprints, and streamlined functionality to maximize the productivity of any cooking space. 

RSVP to secure your spot at KBIS and check Summit out at booth #W2330.

To learn more about Summit Appliance, call 718-893-3900 ext. 507 or visit  


Summit Appliance's New Collection of Icemakers Suited for Indoor or Outdoor Kitchens in standard or ADA-compliant height.

Bronx, NY, October 2023—With a 54-year history of innovating kitchen appliances, Summit Appliance, a Felix Storch, Inc. (FSI) division, combines convenience and luxury to introduce our latest line of ADA-compliant icemakers, designed to meet the needs of both indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Our new series of undercounter icemakers creates perfect crescent-shaped ice where and when needed. Never worry about missing out on the opportunity to keep your drinks cool with 25 lbs of ice daily.

Both indoor and outdoor options feature:

  • Drain-free for more flexibility in placement and less water waste
  • A front-breathing design for built-in installation
  • Fully finished cabinets for freestanding use.
  • Stainless steel exterior finish
  • A sleek horizontal handle
  • A sealed back to allow more flush installation
  • Pre-installed connection hose


With variants like the BIM26H32 and our BIM27OSADA, standing at just under 32”, Summit’s icemakers are compatible with ADA-compliant counters. Both units can be raised to 34" plus come with easy-to-adjust legs and a taller kickplate for a streamlined look and aesthetic.

Alternative units are also available in different sizes, colors, and makes. Browse the full Summit product line to explore your options.

To learn more, contact us at 718-893-3900 ext. 507, or visit



Bronx, NY, September 2023—With a 54-year history of innovating kitchen appliances, Summit Appliance, a division of Felix Storch, Inc. (FSI), is bringing new technology to radiant cooktops for a safer cooking experience in hospitality settings. 

Many hotel kitchens provide small electric cooktops for guests who enjoy light cooking. While this can be convenient for travelers, it also poses fire hazards that many facilities prefer to avoid entirely. When not in their own homes, hotel guests may use less caution in the kitchen. A jetlagged traveler can easily fall asleep unexpectedly, or a family with small children may have trouble navigating new appliances while managing the stress of travel. That’s where Summit’s new lineup of Safety First cooktops comes in.

These radiant cooktops are equipped with key safety features, including a built-in automatic shutoff system that disables the power after 30 minutes of inactivity to eliminate the danger of unsupervised cooking. Additionally, if the cooktop is turned on with no additional activity after one minute, it will turn off (helping to prevent accidental touches from powering the cooktop). Overflow protection powers off the cooktop if boiling liquid or a wet cloth touches the controls. Wiping the control area dry will allow you to reactivate the heating
process. The cooktop displays a hot surface indicator after use until the elements have cooled down.

“When it comes to cooking, our hotel customers prioritize safety above all else,” notes Joe Ruedt, Hospitality Product Manager for Summit Appliance. “We’re excited to now offer a way for these spaces to still create the full kitchen, but without compromising on the risk factor.”
The Safety First cooktops are available for 115V connections (model number CRH2BT30115) or 230V connections (model number CRH2BT30230). Both are ADA compliant and come in smooth black ceramic glass with upfront digital touch controls. These comply with the latest UL-858 safety standards.

In addition to the Safety First series of glass cooktops, Summit also manufactures solid disk electric cooktops, an incredibly durable design used by many extended stay and efficiency living spaces. Additional hospitality product lines include silent minibars, all-in-one kitchenettes, and a new series of in-room safes available this fall. To learn more, contact Summit Appliance at 718-893-3900 ext. 216 or 218, or visit