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15" wide built-in undercounter NSF-listed clear icemaker

Icemakers for Every Application

Choices for Home, Commercial, & Healthcare Settings

From basic no-drain crescent icemakers in a compact size to deluxe commercial grade outdoor clear icemakers in complete stainless steel, Summit offers a wide variety of ice machine choices to fit virtually every home and commercial application.

Indoor & Outdoor Clear Icemaker Choices

32” High ADA Compliant Selection

Drain-Free Crescent Icemakers

62 lb. Clear Outdoor/Indoor Icemaker
Built-In 50 lb. Clear Icemaker, ADA Compliant
12 lb. Drain-Free Icemaker, ADA Compliant

Our built-in undercounter icemakers feature commercial grade construction to produce restaurant quality ice in crystal clear style. Most units come fully equipped with internal pumps for flexible placement, with frost-free operation for reduced user maintenance.

Residential and commercial choices sized between 32 and 32 ½” high for use under lower counters complying with ADA guidelines. This selection includes clear icemakers and drain-free choices.

For applications where a drain connection is not easily accessible, our drain-free choices offer a more economic, energy efficient solution for keeping ice on hand. This series is available in compact, built-in undercounter, ADA compliant, and outdoor style, with stainless steel or panel-ready finishes to best suit your needs.

New Commercial Icemakers & Ice/Water Dispensers

Made for Summit Commercial in South Korea, our heavy duty icemakers and ice/water dispensers provide reliable solutions for restaurants, bars, offices, healthcare facilities, and other settings with higher capacity needs. These units are approved to NSF-12 commercial standards. The BIM100 produces up to 100 lbs. of clear dice cubes, while our AIWD282 dispenses nugget ice, water, or ice and water together.

AIWD282 and BIM100 Commercial Grade Icemakers

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