Appliances For Assisted Living

With a complete line of compact and full-size refrigeration, laundry, and cooktops, Summit is your one-stop source for furnishing an assisted living facility with quality appliances designed for convenient accessibility. We also carry the industry's largest selection of 32" high ADA compliant appliances for use under lower counters.

Raised Refrigerators For Comfortable Access

Bending down to reach the bottom shelf of a refrigerator can be an uncomfortable and even dangerous challenge for some assisted living residents. That's why we offer several mid-sized refrigerator-freezers with a customized pedestal to keep all areas of the unit in easy reach. See our pedestal with applicable refrigerators-->

Bottom Freezer Refrigerators Made Accessible

The convenience of bottom freezer refrigeration comes to a unique, assisted living-friendly size with Summit’s ENERGY STAR qualified units, specially designed for easier accessibility. All temperature controls are located in the upper refrigerator compartment, saving your guests from bending down to manage the interior. The freezer includes a slide-out basket to access stored contents without having to reach all the way inside. View models-->

Safer Cooking

From induction cooktops to HUD approved ranges, we carry a variety of cooking equipment specially designed for safer operation in assisted living facilities.

Smooth Glass Top Cooktops

Available in black or white finishes, our radiant cooktops feature smooth Schott Ceran glass surfaces that ensure fast and easy cleanup. Explore our products-->

Induction Cooking

Our induction cooktops offer maximum cooking safety, as all cooking heat is confined to the cookware, not the cooking surface. Learn more about induction cooking-->

HUD Approved Electric Ranges

Made in the U.S.A., our HUD line of ranges are equipped with indicator lights for each burner and a three-pronged line cord. All models are constructed from porcelain and stainless steel and available in 20", 24", or 30" widths. View models-->

Accessible Laundry

Our washery/dryer combo line includes great choices for those with limited mobility. Models can be ordered with custom pedestals for easier loading. We also offer select units that are specially designed to meet ADA guidelines for compliance, with all controls in easy reach and the door accessible using less than 5 pounds of force.

For our full ADA compliant laundry line, click here

Complete Catalog

To view our assisted living product line in PDF format, click here and download our mini-catalog.

Popular Choices For Assisted Living Kitchens


32.5" H x 18.5" W x 20.25" D

ADA compliant ENERGY STAR listed two-door refrigerator-freezer with cycle defrost and zero degree freezer

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46.0" H x 18.75" W x 23.0" D

ENERGY STAR qualified two-door refrigerator-freezer in ADA compliant 46" height with towel bar handles

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33.25" H x 23.38" W x 24.25" D

24" wide washer/dryer combo for non-vented use, with 15 lb. wash capacity; replaces SPWD2200

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3.25" H x 11.38" W x 20.13" D

Built-in induction cooktop with two zones, 3100 Watts, 220 Volts, and Black Ceran™ smooth-top finish

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3.25" H x 23.0" W x 20.13" D

Built-in 220 volt induction cooktop with four zones and Black Ceran™ smooth-top finish

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3.38" H x 11.88" W x 19.7" D

115V two-burner cooktop in black ceramic glass, made in Europe

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3.0" H x 24.0" W x 20.5" D

24" wide 4-burner electric cooktop in smooth black ceramic glass finish

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40.0" H x 20.0" W x 24.0" D

20" wide electric range with indicator lights and a three-prong line cord

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