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Saftey First 30 minute ShutoffCooktop


Introducing Safety First Cooktops by Summit

30-minute auto shutoff is ideal for guest rooms

Whether you’re looking to add cooking capabilities to a hotel suite, an assisted-living apartment, or even several university dorm rooms, Summit knows guests’ safety is at the top of your list of priorities. 

30 minute Shut -off Cooktops

Say hello to our Safety First cooktops: 

115V SKU: CRH2BT30115           230V SKU: CRH2BT30230

2400W                                           3000W

Exterior: 2" H x 11.38" W x 20.5" D   Exterior: 2" H x 11.38" W x 20.5" D 
Cutout: 4" H x 10.4" W x 19.5" D      Cutout: 4" H x 10.4" W x 19.5" D

Summit's selection of Safety First radiant cooktops for trusted user safety in: 

  • Hotel rooms
  • Extended stay suites
  • Independent living facilities
  • Various kitchen settings that require an added level of peace of mind.
Safety First Cooktops by Summit
Auto Shutoff

For maximum user safety, these cooktops are designed with a 30-minute automatic shutoff mechanism, turning off each burner after a half hour of no activity to prevent unsupervised cooking. This helps protect the end user and is a safety precaution now required by most properties. 

1-Minute Safety Cutoff 

These cooktops will also shut down if the power is activated when there’s no activity after one minute, ensuring the elements won't heat if a guest accidentally touches the wrong button. Users can also activate the child lock to prevent unintended changes.

ADA-Compliant Design

All controls feature zero removable external knobs, and their panels are in front to comply with ADA guidelines. This seamless accessibility integration ensures users don't have to reach over a hot burner to adjust.

Digital Aspects

This cooktop is equipped with digital controls that are easily managed with a gentle touch. The CRH2BT30115 and our CRH2BT30230 let users select from 9 power levels at the touch of a button. 

Overflow Protection

Never worry about future spills or accidents when cooking meals of any size. Thankfully, the power on our Safety First cooktops will automatically shut off if boiling liquid or a wet cloth touches the control panel, resuming after the controls are dried.

BONUS: The unique timer function allows you to program either burner to heat at a specified level for up to 30 minutes.
Safety-First Cooktops


Residual Heat Indicators

The easy-to-operate control panels include residual heat indicators to warn users if the surface is too hot to touch after use.

Child Lock

A unique safety feature found on both, the child lock, allows parents everywhere, no matter kitchen size, to lock the cooktop’s heat level and settings to prevent unsupervised changes or accidents. 

Elegant Glass Design

Not only are our CRH2BT30115 and CRH2BT30230 models perfectly sized to fit standard cutouts, but the smooth, ceramic glass surface leads to easier clean-ups. 

To clean, simply ensure the surface is no longer hot, then use a soft cloth to clean the surface. If a spillage has dried on the surface, you may need to use a vitro-ceramic glass cleaner, available at most supermarkets. 



TK Custom Trim Kits

Summit cooktops can fit larger cutouts with our TK Custom trim kits

Download the editable PDF and fill it in with your cutout and preferred collar measurements. Follow the instructions in the PDF and order this product online. Your card will be charged once your trim kit ships. 

All trim kits are made in the USA from 304-grade stainless steel. 

Need to order ten or more trim kits? Summit has it covered. See our TK Custom Bulk for a pricing discount. 


Other Radiant Cooktops

Summit’s complete collection of radiant cooktops includes single, double, and triple burner models made in Europe, with 110V and 220V choices. 

We manufacture four-burner electric cooktops in our New York facilities. These up-to-date cooktops come with stainless steel reinforcement frames, designer push-to-turn knobs, and quality burners made for us by E.G.O. in Germany.

Why Choose Cooktops?

Cooktops can be the best option for tiny kitchens, small apartments, and even hotels with limited counter space since they’re available in narrower sizes than most ranges. For example, Summit offers 47 different electric cooktop options for compact kitchens.

The Types of Cooktops

Electric: Electric cooktops use electric heating elements for cooking food. Most electric cooktops either use coil or smooth tops as heating elements. Smooth tops are usually installed beneath a smooth, easy-to-clean glass surface, while coils are placed on the cooktop surface.

Gas: Unlike electric cooktops, gas cooktops heat food with an open flame. They use an electric ignition system that creates a spark when you turn the burner on, producing a blue flame that heats the cookware. 

Induction: Induction cooktops use a different technology than conventional cooktops. Induction uses magnetic waves to heat only magnetic materials, meaning steel or iron. Thus, induction cooktops do not heat the glass surface or the air between the source of the magnetic waves and the nearest iron or steel material.

If you aren’t sure which type of cooktop would work best for your needs, rest assured that all types offer something different but ultimately can help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams without taking up more space. 

However, radiant cooktops heat quickly and cook more evenly than gas and induction cooktops. 

MORE FROM SUMMIT: Are you looking for something a little different? 


Summit manufactures standard radiant, induction, coil cooktops, and solid disk cast iron elements for ultimate durability. Not to mention our complete collection of stunning kitchen appliances, with various ranges, cooktops, wall ovens, speed ovens, and microwaves sized for space-challenged kitchens.

Browse the full Summit line to discover the right fit for your needs.

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