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Washer/Heat Pump Dryer Combination

Made in Europe with a flexible design for stacked or side-by-side installation
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66.0" H x 24.0" W x 26.5" D
(168cm H x 61cm W x 67cm D)

Height of Cabinet 66.0" (168 cm)
Width 24.0" (61 cm)
Depth 26.5" (67 cm)
Depth with door at 90° 45.5" (116 cm)
Capacity 6.18 cu.ft. (175 L)
Door Glass
Cabinet White
US Electrical Safety UL
Canadian Electrical Safety ULC
Energy Usage/Year 100.0kWh/year
Other Energy Info 15 amps for both the washer and dryer
Amps 30.0
Voltage/Frequency 240 V AC/60 Hz
Weight 289.0 lbs. (131 kg)
Shipping Weight 356.0 lbs. (161 kg)
Parts & Labor Warranty 1 Year
UPC 761101079035
Loading Style Front Loading
Door Window Yes
Door Swing French
Reversible No
Maximum Wash Weight 19.8 lbs. (9 kg)
Maximum Dry Weight 17.6 lbs. (8 kg)
Control Type Digital & Dial
Dispenser Compartment Yes
Wash Cycles 14
Dry Cycles 14
Maximum Drum Speed 1400.0
Delayed Start Yes
Delicate Cycle Yes
Level Legs 8

Complete laundry station

Combines SLW241W wash & SLD242W heat pump dryer for a complete laundry station capable of side-by-side or stacked configuration

Made in Europe

Both models are fully featured with an advanced design for proper laundry care

ENERGY STAR certified (washer & dryer)

Use less water and energy than national standards require to ensure more efficiency and lower utility bills

208-240V Operation

Both units designed for 208-240V operation and can plug into the included Y-shaped NEMA 14-30P cord with a 4-prong plug for single cord operation

Y-cord with single 4-prong plug included

Included cord allows users to operate both the washer and dryer using a single plug for added convenience

Stacking feet included

Four rubber suction cup leg covers make it easy to safely stack this dryer on top of matching SLW241W washing machine. NOTE: feet are packaged inside the same bag as your dryer's user manual

Large interiors

Washer has 2.3 cu.ft drum (wash up to 19.8 lbs. of fabric), while the dryer has a 3.88 cu.ft. drum (dry up to 17.6 lbs. of fabric)

Front-loading design (washer & dryer)

Easy to load, with a glass door for a clear view inside

Stainless steel tub (washer) & drum (dryer)

Durable interiors holds up load after load

Touchscreen display (washer & dryer)

Digital touchscreen controls ensure easy operation of speciality programs

Cycle selector knob (washer & dryer)

Allows users to easily cycle through the 14 wash and dry programs

3 wash modes

Three modes (Normalcare, Ecocare, and Timecare) afford convenient flexibility to best suit your preferences

Heat pump operation (dryer)

Non-vented, energy efficient operation that uses recycled air to better save on energy use and costs

Wash settings

Get the proper fabric care with 14 settings for regular and colored cottons, quick wash, mixed load, active wear, lightly soiled, delicates, wool, down wear, and clothing for those with skin sensitive or allergies

14 dry settings

Extra, light, and iron dry settings for cottons and permanent press with additional settings for delicates, wool, air fluff, easy iron, and cool tumble; specialty functions include half load and anti-crease for user convenience

1400 RPM (dryer)

Provides better water extraction for dryer clothing

Interior drum light (dryer)

Automatically illuminates the interior when the dryer turns on for easy viewing, load, and unloading

Condensation drainage hose (dryer)

Included for users who prefer a more traditional drainage system (not required for operation of the unit)

Condensation tank (dryer)

Pull-out tank for easy disposal of collected moisture after drying (Note: the tank should be emptied every other cycle)

Detergent dispenser

Pull-out compartment for prewash, regular detergent, and fabric softener

Dryer basket

Located inside the door, this slide-out basket allows for the drying of slippers, children's shoes, and other small items not suited for tumble dry

Delay start option (washer & dryer)

Allows you to pre-set your laundry for the ideal finish time

Start/pause function (washer & dryer)

Lets you pause the wash or dry cycle to add or remove fabric

Standby mode (washer & dryer)

Switches off the washer or dryer after 5 minutes for added energy savings

Environmentally-friendly performance features

ECOEYE setting monitors water and power usage, while the water level indicator identifies when a higher amount of water is in use for a green performance

Leveling legs (washer & dryer)

Four adjustable leveling legs keeps the unit level on uneven surfaces

Summit laundry stations provide complete laundry performance designed for true convenience, energy savings, and pristine laundry care results.  

The SLS24W4P combines the 2.3 cu.ft. SLW241W washer with the 3.88 cu.ft. SLD242W heat pump dryer and can be configured for stacked or side-by-side use. Each unit is designed and manufactured in Europe, and is ENERGY STAR certified for energy and water savings. Both units are designed for 208-240V operation and can be plugged into the included Y-shaped NEMA 14-30P cord with a 4-prong plug for single cord operation. This unit ships on one pallet for customer convenience. 

The SLW241W washer can wash up to 19.8 pounds of fabric with a choice of 14 wash programs including a cotton wash for black, color, or white clothing, as well as a heavy duty setting, prewash setting, and an auto wash option. Specialty wash programs let you give the proper treatment to wool, down wear, (including pillows and jackets), sportswear, and loads with synthetic and mixed fabrics. The "allergy care" program offers careful but thorough cleaning for those with sensitive skin or skin allergies, while "Power 59" allows cleaning of smaller loads. The "rinse/softening" program softens or starches washed laundry, and the "sterile tub" program helps to remove detergent residue and bacteria for a cleaner performance. The pull-out detergent compartment makes measuring easy and clean. Environmentally-friendly performance features include ECOCARE mode that uses less water and power during its cycle, while a water level indicator lets users know how much water is in use for a greener performance. 

The SLD242W heat pump dryer offers non-vented operation and utilizes a heat pump for an energy efficient performance. It dries up to 17.6 pounds of fabric with 14 dry programs that give give you plenty of options for cottons, delicates, wool, down wear, baby clothes, bedding, easy iron, air refresh, and cool tumble. Specialty functions include a half load option for smaller drying needs, extra dry to lengthen drying time as needed, and anti-crease for intermittent drying to ensure clothes stay wrinkle-free until they can be removed from the dryer. The pull-out condensation tank makes removing collected moisture easy. We include a condensation discharge hose as an alternative to the condensation tank for added convenience. A net filter and heat pump filter help to ensure a cleaner performance. A contained dryer basket located on the door lets users dry small items (including slippers or children's shoes) without them being noisily spun inside the drum. An automatic interior drum light makes it easy to load and unload fabrics, while a child lock prevents unwanted cycle or function changes. (Note: This unit should be installed with 4" side clearance, 4" top clearance, and 2" rear clearance.) 

Both models have a front-loading design in a white cabinet finish, with windows for a clear view of the interior. Durable stainless steel drums and maximum speeds of 1400 RPM ensure thorough washing and drying. Dial controls allow users to choose their wash/dry cycle with ease, and digital touchscreens allow for efficient management of each unit. The start/stop function allows users to stop during a wash or dry cycle to add or remove fabrics, while low standby mode turns off the display after 5 minutes for added energy savings. A start delay function allows users to set the start time in 30-minute (washer) or 1-hour (dryer) increments up to 24 hours. The ECOEYE feature displays information on water and power consumption respectively for an eco-friendly performance. Four leveling legs on each unit keeps them level on uneven surfaces, while four suction cup feet are included permitting stacking the dryer on the matching SLW241W washer.

With its slim-fitting design and fully wash & dry capacity, the SLS24W4P is perfect for apartments, homes, and similar environments seeking full-capacity washer and dryer. For this unit with a 3-prong cord, see the SLS24W3P. 

Due to our commitment to continuous product improvement, all specifications are subject to change without notice.

California residents:

Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nickel (metallic), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to
Note: Nickel is a component of stainless steel.


YCORD4P Accessory Angle


44" NEMA 14-30P 4-prong 208-240V Y-cord


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