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Summit Appliance may offer several forms of advertising, merchandising, and/or promotional support to its authorized dealers and distributors in the U.S. To be eligible to receive support, this MAP policy requires that the advertised price for designated Summit or Summit Classic Collection product models be at or above the MAP and otherwise comply with this policy and advertising guidelines. Felix Storch, Inc. will publish MAP schedules from time to time. The policy and any MAP schedules are subject to change at any time by Felix Storch, Inc. We believe the MAP policy enhances the brand image and increase the ability of our dealers to retail the products successfully.

This MAP policy applies only to authorized U.S. resellers’ advertised prices and does not affect any reseller’s sole right to establish its resale prices.

Applicable Advertising Media: This MAP policy applies to all advertising in visual, audio, and electronic media, including but not limited to internet, newspaper, TV, radio, e-mail, and private mailers. This policy also applies to products on an authorized reseller’s websites, mobile apps, and mobile sites. Any prices shown on the internet or in social media are considered as advertising. Dealers are responsible for pricing associated with their business regardless of where it appears in all media, including third party price comparison websites, marketplaces, and shopping sites.

All advertising must include: a) appropriate brand name, b) product illustration, c) model number, and d) feature / benefit of the product. Advertised prices may be rounded down up to $5 to support a trade customer’s pricing policies. Ads for non-cash or premiums such as free freight, free installation, or free-financing are acceptable.

This MAP policy does not apply to the final "checkout" stage for online purchases or items placed "in cart." Advertisements may indicate that a lower price may be available in store or in a checkout page or through promotional codes and coupons upon checkout. The MAP policy does not apply to advertisement displayed only in physical stores.

Closeouts and Other-Than-New: Some appliances may be identified as Closeout by Felix Storch, Inc. When advertising these products with a price, they must contain "Closeout" or "While Supplies Last" in close proximity to the product. For product in a condition other-than-new must include "Refurbished", "Reconditioned", "Damaged", or "Scratch and Dent" in close proximity to the product. Closeouts and Other-Than-New are not covered under the MAP policy.

Advertising Not in Compliance with the MAP Policy: Felix Storch, Inc. will not reimburse or make promotional funds available for advertisements which do not comply with the MAP policy. Felix Storch, Inc. at its sole discretion reserves the right to determine compliance with this policy. The policy is independently adopted by Felix Storch Inc. No sales employee or representative is authorized to interpret, waive, alter, discuss, or reach agreement regarding the MAP policy or any retail advertising or selling price. The MAP policy is not intended to constitute a contract or agreement with any dealer and Felix Storch, Inc. does not seek and will not accept any agreement by a dealer to comply with the policy. All retail dealers are responsible for setting their own retail prices and advertising. However, pursuant to this MAP policy, Felix Storch, Inc. remains free to make cooperative advertising and supply decisions regarding covered product. Any questions regarding this MAP policy should be sent in writing to:

MAP Policy Administrator
Felix Storch Inc.
770 Garrison Avenue
Bronx, NY 10474

Complaints about alleged policy violations are not solicited and will not be entertained from any retail dealer or other third party.

Click here to download our 2019 MAP schedule.