Height of Cabinet 18.0" (46 cm)
Width 53.0" (135 cm)
Depth 27.25" (69 cm)
Weight 55.0 lbs. (25 kg)
Shipping Weight 57.0 lbs. (26 kg)
Estimated Time to Ship Next day shipping
Parts & Labor Warranty 90 Days


This product qualifies for next day delivery to select areas within our trucking radius and may be shipped next day after order for nationwide customers.

Curved glass sneezeguard lets you convert the NOVA45 ice cream freezer into a gelato or ice cream dipping cabinet

18.0" H x 53.0" W x 27.25" D

(46cm H x 135cm W x 69cm D)


  • Curved front glass creates a modern look
  • Aluminum work surface for added durability and convenience
  • Made in Denmark
  • Easy to install


NOVAGDC45KIT lets you convert Summit Commercial NOVA45 ice cream freezer into an attractive dipping cabinet. This kit includes two side glass walls and a curved front glass piece, with an aluminum top to serve as a durable work surface. 


Curved front
Glass features an attractive curved design for better presentation
Compatible with NOVA45
Designed to be installed on Summit Commercial NOVA45 ice cream freezer
Aluminum work surface
Top piece is constructed from brushed aluminum to hold up in busy commercial settings
Easy installation
Includes everything you need to assemble on your NOVA45 freezer
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