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A tight kitchen may have some limitations, but a well-designed space--no matter how small--can be efficient, elegant, and inviting.

Utilize Space
Function is first. Every kitchen requires room for food preparation, while some may also serve as dining areas. Whatever your needs may be, these tips can help.

  • Fill your space with mobile furniture that won't interfere with cooking. A folding drop table and wheeled serving cart will stay out of the way until you choose to use them.
  • Take advantage of vertical space by installing wall cabinets that extend towards the ceiling. Using consistent colors will prevent you from a closed-in look.
  • Keep pots and pans on a hanging rack instead of inside cabinets. You'll open storage for other items while creating a professional restaurant look.
  • Store less commonly used appliances (such as fondue pots and bread makers) outside of the kitchen.

Create an Illusion
Now that you've made the most of your space, the next step is to make it seem like you have more.

  • Recessed lighting will make a space appear larger than it is.
  • Keep the floor color similar to cabinets and appliances to make space seem wider.
  • Make sure the flooring and wall design smoothly transition into the next room to avoid a choppy look.
  • Choose sleek furniture that lets light shine through and brighten the kitchen.

Celebrate Your Style
There's no place like home, and no place that feels more like home than your kitchen. No matter how tight your space may be, there's always room for personal refinement.

  • Match your oven mitts and towels to your kitchen design for style that serves a purpose.
  • Hang decorative mugs on a rack for a display that frees cabinet space for other items.
  • Use matching utensils for a cleaner look that doesn't feel cluttered.