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SUMMIT Specializes In Compact Galley Kitchens

The Possibilities are Endless!

There are hundreds of books and magazines that feature magnificent designs for kitchens, most with floor plans more befitting mansions than the average kitchen. Many apartments in today's higher rent large cities (such as New York, our home town) would easily fit inside these kitchens. There is a scarcity of design options for the small apartment kitchens. We aim to change that with an array of designs that will maximize a limited space and provide all the function and convenience of larger kitchens.

SUMMIT specializes in creating efficient workspace in the kitchen using a traditional galley kitchen design. Although the possibilities are endless, here are a few tried and true configurations.

Design 1

This floor plan is a full one-wall galley kitchen needing only 8 feet, 3 inches of space. We actually installed this in our office lunchroom to allow our staff to prepare their own lunches. It features a 69 inch tall, 24 inch wide frost-free refrigerator-freezer with icemaker (Summit FF1320IM), a mid-sized microwave oven (Summit SM1100), a 20 inch glass top electric range with oven and broiler (Summit REX204W; a gas range with sealed burners is also available), a 20 inch range hood (Summit 170020W), and a 25 inch sink. This design offers 30 linear inches of counter space, 54 inches of base cabinets and a full 8 feet 3 inches of top cabinets of varying heights. We estimate that the retail price of this kitchen, including appliances, wood cabinets (ours are medium grade, made in USA, fully assembled), a laminated countertop, sink and faucet, not including installation, is well under $5000.

Click here for a free download of this design

Design 2

Similar to design 1, but we replaced the tall 24 inch wide refrigerator with a built-in 6 c.f. refrigerator. This adds 24 inches of counter space and allows a full 24 x 30 inch top cabinet, instead of the 12 X 24 in Design 1.

Click here for a free download of this design

Design 3

This design also is a galley kitchen (one wall) design, but extends to 10 feet, and adds a SUMMIT European ultra-quiet dishwasher. It too, by getting the microwave off the counter, and utilizing smaller, yet fully functional appliances, gives you more counter space and cabinet space than many designs with more conventional appliances.

Click here for a free download of this design.

For more information on furnishing a galley kitchen, see our new webpage complete with photography.