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SUMMIT APPLIANCE Introduces Stronger Handles On Home Refrigerators For Users With Limited Hand Mobility

Bronx, NY, March 17, 2009-SUMMIT Appliance now offers the option of adding easy-to-grab stainless steel handles to frost-free refrigerator-freezers. This innovative design is intended to ease appliance use for consumers who may have difficulty gripping standard recessed handles.

"Many of our older consumers find that opening the refrigerator door is a daily challenge," said Paul Storch, Vice President of SUMMIT Appliance. "Grabbing and pulling on a recessed handle requires a certain amount of hand and finger mobility that some people simply no longer have."

To address this problem, SUMMIT Appliance is now installing 12" towel bar handles on frost-free refrigerator-freezers. "The curved design of towel bar handles puts more space under the handle for a full hand to fit. A user with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome has an easier time pulling the door open because no finger strength or dexterity is required. You don't even need to close your hand," said Storch.

Towel bar handles are made from brushed 304 grade stainless steel. Available refrigerator-freezer models include SUMMIT's ENERGY STAR rated FF1112W and many deluxe units with slim 24" and 26" footprints. All use a low maintenance frost-free operating system.

While many companies have reverted to recessed handles due to lower manufacturing cost, SUMMIT Appliance plans on extending its towel bar handle option to more refrigerator-freezer models. To learn more about SUMMIT's handles and other products, call 718-893-3900 or visit SUMMIT online at www.summitappliance.com


Since 1969, SUMMIT Appliance has been a leading supplier of major appliances for use in homes, commercial institutions, medical facilities and more. SUMMIT's product line includes a wide selection of hard-to-fit specialty sizes, customizable pieces with unique features, and the largest collection of under-counter ADA compliant units in the industry.