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Backyard Entertainment Gets a Luxury Makeover With SUMMIT Appliance's Continued Advancements In Outdoor Appliance Design

As more home owners are extending their living space into the outdoors, SUMMIT Appliance, a division of Felix Storch, Inc., introduces new developments in its diverse line of U.L. approved beverage centers, freezers, and beer dispensers for full outdoor use. These weatherproof units offer a safe and stylish way to transform the home patio or deck into a full-service second kitchen.

"We've seen a trend in outdoor kitchens growing from a single grill and refrigerator into a multi-unit food preparation station. More and more people are discovering that the backyard can be its own cooking and entertainment destination," says Steve Ross, Vice President of Felix Storch, Inc.

Imagine throwing an outdoor event that's actually catered in the open air. "Installing a full refrigeration set lets the host finally enjoy the party by spending time with guests instead of running back and forth into the house for refills," Mr. Ross says.

Grilling on the patio has always been a summer tradition, but bringing major units to the outdoors adds more than just convenience to the common barbeque. Icemakers eliminate the need for messy coolers and beverage centers let you keep a steady supply of your favorite drink on hand.

Moreover, outdoor units allow backyard entertainment to go from the ordinary to the gourmet. Take SUMMIT's CARTOSBC, a luxury serving cart that includes the versatile SBC490OS beer dispenser. With this single unit, you can create an upscale bar right in the backyard.

All SUMMIT's outdoor models are constructed from 304 grade stainless steel, for durability that weathers the elements in modern style. A fully sealed back protects electrical components and an integrated Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) adds extra protection to meet and exceed U.L. requirements for safety. Many units are designed and approved for built-in use under counters for added flexibility in design.

Since 1969, SUMMIT Appliance has been providing cutting edge innovations in the appliance industry for household, commercial, medical, and laboratory use. To speak with a representative about SUMMIT's outdoor line, call 718-893-3900 or visit SUMMIT online at summitappliance.com/outdoor.