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ENERGY STAR By the Numbers

Savings for the Environment

In 2007, American saved enough energy to avoid greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to those produced by 27 million vehicles.

If the average household replaced a refrigerator purchased prior to 1990 with a new ENERGY STAR qualified model, the energy savings would be enough to light the home for nearly four months.

Savings for Your Wallet

An ENERGY STAR qualified clothes washer can save you $550 in operating costs over the unit's lifetime.

Americans saved $16 billion on their utility 2007 with the help of ENERGY STAR

Replacing a dishwasher manufactured before 1994 with an ENERGY STAR qualified unit today can save you over $30 a year in utility costs.

Success for ENERGY STAR

1.5 billion ENERGY STAR qualified products have been sold in the United States since 1992.

Over 50% of American households knowingly purchased at least one ENERGY STAR product in 2006

89% of Americans believe an ES product uses energy more efficiently than a conventional product

For more information, visit ENERGYSTAR.gov