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Made in Europe by ASKO, the WMC 64P is a 1400 RPM industrial washer designed to provide gentle but thorough cleaning in hospitals, clinics, and other settings with tough hygiene standards.

The WMC 64P has a generous 18 lb. capacity in an easy-fitting 24" footprint. The stainless steel exterior ensures long-lasting durability in busy industrial settings. The outer drum rests on four shock absorbers to reinforce the unit. Cast iron counter weights and the unique "Quattro Design" help to eliminate vibrations, while the induction motor ensures improved balance control and quiet operation. Unlike many other units on the market, the WMC 64P does not use any rubber in its design, allowing for more sanitary construction that will last much longer and require less maintenance. Since this unit includes an internal heater, the WMC 64P can be used with a hot or cold water hookup.

Inside, the WMC 64P's unique drum construction provides optimum care and maximum gentleness for each wash. The stainless steel Active Drum™ features an angled edge and smaller cylinder holes than standard units to provide gentle care at any spin speed, with hourglass-shaped lifters to keep laundry centered during the wash cycle. Programs include high temperature disinfection options that operate at 194ºF/90ºC, 140ºF/60ºC, and 104ºF/40ºC, plus choices for quick wash, synthetics, and wool. Users can also access specialized programs to wash mops and microfiber towels, or program their own custom wash cycles by using the Service Manual.

The WMC 64P is designed to be user-friendly, inside and out. The shallow bowl-shape of the door makes it easy to load and unload the machine, while the LCD screen and jog dial system ensures use is easy and intuitive.

The flexible WMC 64P can be paired side-by-side or stacked with the matching TDC 11V vented dryer or TDC 112C condensing dryer. The washer can be plugged directly into the dryer, meaning only one 220V outlet is required to operate both units.



Durable construction Titanium sides and stainless steel front and cover ensure better protection against dents
Large capacity 18 lb. wash capacity lets you get the most out of every load
High Speed & G-Factor 1400 RPM/530 G-factor saves time during the drying process by removing more moisture
High temperature operation Select cycles wash at 194ºF (90ºC) meets strict standards for hygiene
8 Pre-Programmed Wash Cycles Choose from multiple programs to ensure the optimum care for each fabric
Chore specific functions Additional programs include specialized wash cycles for microfiber towels, mops, and customizable options. See the Service Manual for more information
No rubber gaskets Unlike many of other units on the market, the WMC 64P's design does not require gaskets, helping to prevent mold buildup and the constant maintenance required from rubber construction
Cast iron counter weights Strong reinforcement stabilizes washing machine better than cement while also reducing vibrations
Digital display Control panel features a digital display of program and remaining time
Induction motor Made without carbon brushes, the induction motor offers better balance control
Matching dryer available Pair with TDC 111V vented dryer or TDC 112C condensing dryer; Both units include a stacking kit to combine with this washer. The washer plugs directly into the dryer, meaning only one 220V outlet is required for both the washer and dryer
Intuitive programming LCD display panel is simple to use, with a jog dial for program selection and start/stop button to access
Program memory Unit automatically remembers last used wash, letting you run the same program at the touch of a button
Multiple language feature Display screen offers a choice of 12 languages


Height: 33.5"
Width: 23.5"
Depth: 23.0"
Shipping Weight: 170.0 lbs.
Weight: 161.0 lbs.
Voltage/Frequency: 220 V AC/60 Hz
Canadian Electrical Safety: ULC
US Electrical Safety: UL
Amps: 15.0
Depth with door at 90°: 36.0"
Style: Front Loading
Door Window: Yes
Control Type: Digital
Number of Cycles: 8
Number of Dispensers: 3
Dispenser Compartment: Yes
Max Temperature: 194.0 °F
Max Drum Spin Speed: 1400.0
Parts/Labor Warranty: 1 Year


SS:Stainless Steel 
SS:Stainless Steel 
Glass:Double pane tempered glass door provides safe view of interior