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SUMMIT Induction Cookware

Induction Cookware

SUMMIT Induction Cookware is a seven piece set that includes one 9 ½ inch skillet, one 5 quart casserole with glass lid, and a 3 quart and 1 1/2 quart saucepan with glass lids.

Each piece of cookware has a triple layer bottom that includes a magnetic core. This allows the cookware to function on induction cooktops. A layer of aluminum helps to evenly distribute the magnetic-generated heat created inside the pot or pan.

Three heat resistant glass lids are included with the casserole and saucepans, complete with a steam vent and stainless steel trim. Lift-up handles in stainless steel offer elegant convenience.

Dishwasher friendly and oven safe, this induction cookware set can be used on any cooking surface for high quality cooking with delicious results.



Triple layer bottom Magnetic core for induction heating, with alumimun layer for even heat distribution
Induction friendly All pieces are suitable for induction cooking
7 piece set Includes a 9 1/2” skillet, 5-quart casserole with glass lid, and 3 and 1 1/2 quart saucepans with glass lids
Easy-view glass lids Three heat resistant glass lids feature steam vents, stainless steel trim, and stainless steel handles
Riveted stainless steel handles Saucepans and skillet are fitted with easy-grip handles
Mirror polish stainless steel Elegant finish on each piece
Dishwasher safe All pieces can be cleaned in dishwashers
Ideal for any heat souce Can be used in ovens and on gas, electric, and induction cooking surfaces


Shipping Weight: 12.0 lbs.


SS:Stainless Steel