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Temperature Tips For Beer & Ale

Beer Service Temperature
A general rule of thumb for beer service is, the higher the alcohol content the warmer it is served.

All beer falls into two basic categories: lagers and ales. Lagers tend to be light, crisp, and clean tasting. They are delicious cold (especially the light versions) at temperatures as low as 24ºF and up to 48ºF. Popular beer frosters are designed to keep your beer at a chilly 24ºF or less.

Most ales tend to be full-bodied and higher in alcohol. They are often enjoyed at 50ºF, up to 60ºF for richer styles. Cream ales are an exception because they are lighter and are enjoyed at the cooler lager temps. Pub cellars are ideal for English style sipping, keeping your brew at a moderate 60ºF.

Beer Storage Temperature
Because beer can be stored at a wide range of temperatures, it's ideal to store your beer at the same temperature you like to drink it. Temperatures too warm, over 70ºF can cause your beer's flavor and aroma to be altered. Plus, very few would enjoy a beer that warm.

One of the most important elements in beer storage is constant temperature. That's why a dedicated beer refrigerator, away from the hustle and bustle of a kitchen refrigerator is ideal. Thankfully, there are many refrigerators designed just for keeping beer tasty and ready to drink just the way you like it!

Draft Beer
For many beer lovers, a brewery fresh draft with a rich head is the only way to go. Because draft beer is not pasteurized, storage temperature is even more important. Draft beer should be kept cold, preferably at 36-38ºF and consumed within 30 days.

Temperatures above 45ºF may cause the beer to turn sour and become cloudy. Beer dispensers that accommodate several sized kegs are great because they give you the flexibility to tap the size keg you plan to use within a 30-day period.

As you can see, no matter how you like your beer, there is an ideal storage and service system just for you!